Links for Destination Web Pages and Event Calendars

The more planning one does before departing on a tour, the more one gets out of the visit.  Exploring any destination on one's own is exciting, but identifying specific locations and events as well as locating them on a map well before departure are two ways a tourist can make effective use of time on the ground.  Below are the official and some unofficial web sites of the locations for the tour.  Most of the pages have sections that include calendars of events that indicate concerts, special exhibitions, and other events.  For an online magazine of museums throughout Europe, see

Berlin (Berlin's official web site) (unofficial web site)

Dresden (Dresden's official web site) (the calendar on the official web site)

Czech-Switzerland and Saxon Switzerland National Parks

Terezín (Theresienstadt) Concentration Camp and Litoměřice

Prague (Prague's official web site)

Vienna (Vienna's official web site) (Vienna's official tourist web site) (unofficial web site) (unofficial web site)

Bratislava (Bratislava's official web site) (unofficial site)

Budapest (Budapest's official web site) (Budapest's official tourist web site) (unofficial site)