Guest Pages

Experts in several fields, including Central European, Balkan, and East European affairs, have agreed to provide an insight into a particular issue or to share their experiences with the readers of Central European Observer.  Their contributions may be in a variety of formats: a link to another site, a PDF, or as a special page on this web site.  Readers can contact me through e-mail if they wish to me forward any comments to the authors.

A listing of the guest contributions appears below:

William Harwood -- A retired diplomat reflects on violence foreign service personnel face in the wake of the  terrorist attack on 11 September 2011 on the American embassy in Libya (added September 2012).

Stanislav Perkner -- Once dean of the School of Journalism at Charles University in Prague and now is the Director of the Library and Learning Center at Humphreys College in Stockton, CA, Stanislav Perkner reflects on his career as an academic in communist Czechoslovakia and America (added September 2012).

Mary Hrabik Samal and Paula Samal -- In the summer of 2011, Mary Hrabik Samal, who teaches political science at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, and her daughter, Paula Samal, a high school teacher, visited China.  They combined their efforts to produce a photo essay about their travels and observations of Chinese society (added September 2012).