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Scroll down for links to domestic and foreign news services.

Domestic News Services

Christian Science Monitor --

Juan Cole, Informed Comment --
A professor of history at the University of Michigan, Juan Cole specializes in Middle East studies.  His web site is among the best for following events in the Middle East and occasionally other topics.

Democracy Now --
This is an independent daily television and news program that also is on line.

An outreach of the Open Society Foundations, Eusasianet covers news from Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, as well as Turkey, Caucasus, Caspian, and Southwest Asia. 

Free Speech TV (FSTV) --
FSTV is an independent, non-profit, publicly-funded, Internet and television broadcaster where one can find programming from Democracy Now! and the Washington, DC, bureau of Al Jazeera English.

Foreign Affairs --

History News Network --
Visit HNN for news of the history profession or subscribe to their daily report at

International New York Times –-
This is the international edition of the New York Times that once was known as the International Herald Tribune.

Salon –-
The independent daily Salon was the first on-line only news magazine.

Slate –-
Now owned by the Washington Post, Slate is an Internet daily news magazine.

Stratfor --
Stratfor Forecasting, Inc., is a private intelligence service that serves a variety of clients, including major corporations.  It makes public a certain types of analyses and news reports and offers free e-mailed reports. --
This news service provides reports from other sources and original content from outside the United States.

Domestic Broadcasters on the Internet

National Public Radio (NPR) --
Get the latest news and in-depth stories, all commercial free, from NPR.  Affiliates on the Gulf Coast are:
WFSU at Florida State University, Talahassee, Florida:
WFSQ (91.5 FM) in Talahassee, Florida, and Thomasville, Georgia (news and varied programming)
WFSU (88.9 FM) in Tallahassee, Florida (classical music)
WFSW (89.1 FM) in Panama City, Florida (news and varied programming)
WHIL (91.3 FM) from Alabama Public Radio in Mobile: (news and classical music)
WUWF (88.1 FM) at the University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida:
FM-1 (88.1 FM) for news
FM-2 (88.1 FM-HD) for classical music
Don't want to click to get NPR's latest news?  Just look below!

Public Radio International (PRI) --
PRI, like NPR, is a commercial-free, independent public radio broadcasting company.

Voice of America --
The web site of the VOA provides news and information about the United States.  Follow the links and web services posted on the home page for foreign-language broadcasts.

Foreign News Services

Balkan Insight --
Covering the western Balkans, this news service offers free daily updates as well as premium subscriptions.  It comes from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), an organization of journalists and editors from the region that strives to advance solid investigative journalism.  It is located in Serbia.

Baltic Times --
This site provides news from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  Updates are available on their web site, but Baltic Times also offers paid subscriptions.

Česká pozice --
This Czech-language web site includes opinion and commentary about international as well as Czech domestic and economic events.

The Economist --

Enet English --
Enet English is an independent, Greek English-language, Internet newspaper.

EU-Digest --
With its daily updates that are available on line or through free e-mail subscriptions, EU-Digest keeps readers informed about events in the European Union.

EUobserver --
EU Observer is an independent site containing news about the European Union.  E-mail subscriptions are free.

Journalism Fund --
With support from the Pascal Decroos Fund in Belgium, provides support for journalists to cover issues in the European Union.  It also has a free e-newsletter.

Kyiv Post -- h
Kyiv Post is Ukraine's English-language on-line newspaper.

Krakow Post --
The Krakow Post is an English-language news monthly.

The New Eastern Europe --
A news journal that began in 2011 and appears online and in print each quarter, The New Eastern Europe has its editorial staff in Krakow, Poland, and receives funding from nonprofit groups.  E-mail subscriptions are free and a premium subscription is available.

Prague Post --
In existence since 1991, the Prague Post covers not only news in Prague and the Czech Republic but also throughout East-Central Europe.

Trend --
Centered in Azerbaijan, Trend is a private news agency that covers Central Asia. Its web page provides the news in six languages, including English. --
Contributors are, according to the website, "non-aligned press groups dedicated to the analysis of international relations."

Short-Wave Radio and Other Foreign Radio Broadcasting on the Internet

B92 --
Born in 1989 and internationally famous during the Yugoslav Wars, B92 is an independent broadcaster in Serbia with an English-language web page.  See also the official broadcaster Radio Serbia.

British Broadcasting Corporation --
For the BBC headlines, just scroll down the page.

Deutsche Welle --
This is the source for international broadcasting from Germany.

Estonian Public Broadcasting --
This service is available in Estonian, English, and Russian.

Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation --
The Internet site for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, unfortunately, has no English-language web page.

Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) --
Unfortunately, MRT has no English-language service.

Magyar Rádió --
The link above provides access to the English-language pages for the international broadcasting division of Magyar Rádió in Budapest.

ORF Austria --
Available only in German, this is the international web broadcasting service from Austria.  Its features include "Betrifft: Geschichte" (Subject: History), the direct link for which is

Polish Radio --
This site contains news in English about Poland and buttons for English-language broadcasting.

RT --
This is a state-funded English-language broadcast service from Russia.  It once was known as Russia Today.

Radio Bulgaria --
Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) provides programing in English on the Internet.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty --
Be sure to check the "Archives" section of the site for primary-source news publications regarding broadcasts to and from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the cold war.   Portions of the massive RFE/RL archive are in various institutions, including the Open Society Archive at Central European University, in Budapest, Hungary, and some are digitized, such as the American government documents posted at the Wilson Center, Cold War International History Project, at  For podcasts about Russia, see the “Power Vertical” at

Radio Prague --
For entertainment and news from the Czech Republic, listen to Radio Prague using the link above.  Visitors can subscribe to Radio Prague's daily newsletter at  A survey of Czech history with illustrations from children is at

Radio Romania International --
Broadcasting on the Internet from Bucharest, Radio Romania International has news and features about Romania.

Radio Serbia --
Radio-Televizija Srbija is the official international news service from Belgrade.  Also see the private broadcaster B92.

Radio Slovakia --
Radio Slovakia provides international broadcasting, including daily news updates, through its web site.

Radio Slovenia International --
For news in English on the Internet from Ljubljana, click on the English/American flag on the top navigation bar.

Radio Television of Kosovo --
For news in English on the Internet from Kosovo, click on EN in the upper-right-hand corner of the home page.

Radio Television of Montenegro --
Radio Televizija Crne Gore (RTCG) has no English web page.  To listen to its live broadcast, click Nacionalni javni servis--Radio uživo centered at the top of the home page.

Radio Tirana --
Radio Tirana, Albania, was a powerful presence on short wave radio during the cold war.  Its Program III has broadcasts in English and several other languages.

Sputnik News Agency and Radio --
Formerly the Voice of Russia, this is the official English-language news service from Moscow.

Turkish Radio and Television --
There is no longer an English-language service for the TRT page.  There is a special English-language page with news at

Ukrainian Radio --
The National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRCU) provides news and programing on the Internet from Kyiv.

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