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Forging Political Compromise: Antonín Švehla and the Czechoslovak Republican Party, 1918-1933
Pitt Series in Russian and East European Studies
Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1999

This is a political biography of Antonín Švehla, the Czechoslovak prime minister and leader of the Republican (Agrarian) party.  Švehla reconciled competing interests among socialist, bourgeois, clerical, and minority parties to form coalitions that contributed to the political stability of the Czechoslovak First Republic (1918-1938).  In the realm of agrarian politics, Švehla adroitly preserved the unity of a mass movement of cottagers, small agriculturalists, estate owners, and agricultural industrialists.  The book analyzes one of the most successful agrarian movements in modern Europe.  It aids scholars in comprehending political change and development in Europe between the world wars and contributes to the understanding of political consensus and coalition building in new democracies.  Reviews of the book appear in Slavic Review; Český časopis historický [Czech Journal of History];  H-Net, Habsburg; Austrian History Yearbook; Journal of Modern History, Slavonic and East European Review, Nationalities Papers, and elsewhere.

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Antonín Švehla–mistr politických kompromisů

Translated by Stanislav Pavlíček
Edice Ecce Homo
Prague: Argo, 2001

This is a Czech translation of Forging Political Compromise.  In the February 2002 issue of Dějiny a současnost [History and the Present], a group of 51 Czech historians reviewed 23 books translated into Czech and voted this work (tied with one other) as the best historical work by a foreign author in 2001.

The book still is in print in the Czech Republic, and copies are available through a number of Internet booksellers.  Kosmas, for example, accepts credit cards and ships to the US at reasonable rates.  The link for the book at Kosmas is

K úloze a významu agrárního hnutí v českých a československých dějinách
Eds. Jiří Šouša (Charles University, Prague), Daniel E. Miller (University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL), and
          Mary Hrabik Samal (Oakland University, Rochester, MI)
Prague: Karolinum–Nakladatelství Univerzity Karlovy, 2001

The Significance and Meaning of the Agrarian Movement in Czech and Czechoslovak History originated with a conference in 1999 to commemorate the centenary of the establishment of the Czech Agrarian party.  For a complete list of the table of contents, click here.  The book no longer is in print, but occasionally copies appear on the Czech and Slovak used book market.  Some of the best antikvariáty that may have the book are: -- This site covers Antikvariát Arco,
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