Foreign Languages

As a means of encouraging students to study foreign languages, I am conducting an informal survey to determine when and how individuals last used a foreign language.  If you have had a recent experience when you said even a few words of a foreign language that you  can speak to any degree, fill out the comment form below.  Send me a brief note telling me:

1) when the instance occurred;
2) where did it occur;
3) what is your native language;
4) what language did you use;
5) how fluent you are in the foreign language you used (native, very good, good, beginning);
6) whether you used the language for business or a personal matter;
7) if you used the foreign language for business reasons, what is your profession;
8) what was the topic of discussion in general terms; and
9) any other information you consider useful.

I will collect the information from the survey until I have a reasonable number of responses and then correlate the data.  I will not post anyone's name or profession, nor will I share any personal information with third parties.  The comment box below automatically will send an e-mail to me, but if you are hesitant about using it, you can send your response directly to me at  In order to keep the results meaningful, please respond only once.

This is not a sophisticated survey, but I suspect that it will yield some interesting results.

When did you last use another language?

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