Traveling in Central Europe

These pages are intended for the benefit of those planning to travel to Central Europe on business or pleasure.  They are not meant to be a complete travel guide, but they are a useful supplement to travel information that is in print or on line.

These pages offer readers a range of suggestions from well-known tourist destinations to unusual sights in various locations.  Information about more countries and specific locations will appear over time.  The navigation bar to the left as well as the Magical Central Europe introduction contain links to each page.  The introduction page also contains a Google map of Central Europe and the Balkans.

The reader will find on this page a number of brief articles that will make traveling in Central Europe more fulfilling and less complicated.  Topics include what to pack, food and beverages, touring museums and other historical sites, and much more.

This page includes official and some unofficial links to destination web pages, such as the official web pages of major cities.  Frequently, these pages are a wealth of information about what the city has to offer, and most contain event calendars.

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